Research Interests

Microeconomic Theory, Mathematical Economics, Mechanism Design.

Working Papers

"Feature-based Preference Representation and Feature Linkage" (2024).

"Lexicographic Preference Representation: Intrinsic Length of Linear Orders on Infinite Sets with the Negation of the Continuum Hypothesis" (2023).

"How Rational Is Preference-Rationalized Choice?" (2018).

"Spatial Competition on a Torus" (2017).

"Marriage Matching with Correlated Preferences" (with Onur B. Celik), (2006).

"Can a Newly Proposed Mechanism for Allocating Contracts in U.S. Electricity Wholesale Markets Lead to Lower Prices?" (2004).

List of Published and Forthcoming Papers

"Lexicographic Preference Representation: Intrinsic Length of Linear Orders on Infinite Sets," Journal of Mathematical Economics (2023) 105: 1–5.

"The Lexicographic Complexity of Asymmetric Binary Relations," Mathematical Social Sciences (2022) 117: 6–12.

"Von Neumann-Morgenstern stable set rationalization of choice functions," Theory and Decision, (2020) 89: 369-381.

"Continuous Utility Representation of Fuzzy Preferences" (2020) in G. Bosi, M. J. CampiĆ³n, J. C. Candeal and E. Indurain Mathematical Topics on Representations of Ordered Structures and Utility Theory: Essays in Honor of Professor Ghanshyam B. Mehta Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 301-309.

"A Marriage Matching Menagerie," (with James W. Boudreau). Operations Research Letters, (2017) 45: 68-71.

"Elections Generate All Binary Relations on Infinite Sets," Mathematical Social Sciences (2016) 84: 105-108.

"Topologies Generated by Nested Collections," (with M.J. Campion and E. Indurain). Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society, (2016) 395: 545-561.

"Two Preference Metrics Provide Settings for the Study of Properties of Binary Relations," Theory and Decision, (2015) 79: 615-625.

"Probabilistic Evaluations: A Universal Representation for Preferences over Countable Sets," Journal of Mathematical Economics (2015) 57: 25-27.

"Preference, Topology and Measure" Social Choice and Welfare, (2014) 43: 507-514.

"What Price Stability? Social Welfare in Matching Markets," (with J. Boudreau). Mathematical Social Sciences (2014) 67: 27-33.

"Topological Interpretations of Fuzzy Subsets. A Unified Approach for Fuzzy Thresholding Algorithms," (with E. Barrenechea, H. Bustine, M.J. Campion and E. Indurain). Knowledge-Based Systems (2013) 54: 163-171.

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"A Tight Upper Bound on the Money Metric Utility Function," American Economic Review (1992) 82: 660-663.

"Generalizing Location Games to a Graph," Journal of Industrial Economics (1991) 39: 683-688.

Research on Electricity Markets

Senior Personnel, NSF Grant No. ECS-0323685 "Robustness, Efficiency and Security of Electric Power Grids in a Market Environment" (with P. Luh (PI) and D. Pepyne) 9/2003-8/2007. $470, 000 paper: "Can a Newly Proposed Mechanism for Allocating Contracts in U.S. Electricity Wholesale Markets Lead to Lower Prices?" 2004.

Curriculum vitae (PDF)