Research Interests

Microeconomic Theory, Mathematical Economics, Mechanism Design.

Working Papers

"How Rational Is Preference-Rationalized Choice?" (2018).

"Von Neumann-Morgenstern Stable Set Rationalization of Choice Functions" (2018).

"Spatial Competition on a Torus" (2017).

"Continuous Utility Representation of Fuzzy Preferences" (2016).

"Marriage Matching with Correlated Preferences" (with Onur B. Celik), (2006).

"Can a Newly Proposed Mechanism for Allocating Contracts in U.S. Electricity Wholesale Markets Lead to Lower Prices?" (2004).

List of Published and Forthcoming Papers

"A Marriage Matching Menagerie," (with James W. Boudreau). Operations Research Letters, (2017) 45: 68-71.

"Elections Generate All Binary Relations on Infinite Sets," Mathematical Social Sciences (2016) 84: 105-108.

"Topologies Generated by Nested Collections," (with M.J. Campion and E. Indurain). Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society, (2016) 395: 545-561.

"Two Preference Metrics Provide Settings for the Study of Properties of Binary Relations," Theory and Decision, (2015) 79: 615-625.

"Probabilistic Evaluations: A Universal Representation for Preferences over Countable Sets," Journal of Mathematical Economics (2015) 57: 25-27.

"Preference, Topology and Measure" Social Choice and Welfare, (2014) 43: 507-514.

"What Price Stability? Social Welfare in Matching Markets," (with J. Boudreau). Mathematical Social Sciences (2014) 67: 27-33.

"Topological Interpretations of Fuzzy Subsets. A Unified Approach for Fuzzy Thresholding Algorithms," (with E. Barrenechea, H. Bustine, M.J. Campion and E. Indurain). Knowledge-Based Systems (2013) 54: 163-171.

"A Simple Voting Scheme Generates all Binary Relations on Finite Sets," Journal of Mathematical Economics (2013) 49(2): 230-233.

"Preferences and the Price of Stability in Matching Markets," (with James Boudreau), Theory and Decision (2013) 74(2): 565-589.

"On Topological Spaces Whose Topology is Induced by a Binary Relation," (with Esteban Indurain) Quaestiones Mathematicae (2013) 36(1): 47-65.

"Dividing Profits Three Ways: Impartiality vs. Consensuality," (with James Boudreau) Mathematical Social Sciences (2011) 62: 79-86.

"Marriage Matching and Intercorrelation of Preferences," (with James Boudreau), Journal of Public Economic Theory (2010) 12: 587-602.

"How to Recognize a Single-Issue Spatial Election," Journal of Mathematical Economics (2010) 46: 1-5.

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"An Easy Proof that a Square Lattice is an Equilibrium for Spatial Competition in the Plane," Journal of Urban Economics (2002) 51: 46-53.

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"Recovering Homothetic Preferences," Economics Letters (1993) 82: 41-45.

"A Tight Upper Bound on the Money Metric Utility Function," American Economic Review (1992) 82: 660-663.

"Generalizing Location Games to a Graph," Journal of Industrial Economics (1991) 39: 683-688.

Research on Electricity Markets

Senior Personnel, NSF Grant No. ECS-0323685 "Robustness, Efficiency and Security of Electric Power Grids in a Market Environment" (with P. Luh (PI) and D. Pepyne) 9/2003-8/2007. $470, 000 paper: "Can a Newly Proposed Mechanism for Allocating Contracts in U.S. Electricity Wholesale Markets Lead to Lower Prices?" 2004.

Curriculum vitae (PDF)